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Teton Aerator

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When having a water feature, it’s essential to have aeration for the aquatic life and health of your pond. The Teton Air Pumps are designed to last through any weather with an energy efficient motor to keep your costs low. The Teton Air Pumps come in an arrange of sizes fit for any body size water and can provide aeration for ponds, lakes, and other aquaculture. This Air Pump is engineered to be cost effective while running 24/7 on minimal power, and the quiet feature allows for your pond to reach its maximum level of tranquility.

  • Item #XAP20, Air Boost Pump 20LPM
  • Item #XAP40, Air Boost Pump 40LPM
  • Item #XAP60, Air Boost Pump 60LPM
  • Item #XAP80, Air Boost Pump 80LPM
  • Item #XAP120, Air Boost Pump 120LPM
  • Item #XAP160, Air Boost Pump 160LPM