Water Garden Gems History

In 1990, Burton and Sally Nichols started Water Garden Gems here in Marion, Texas on an almost 100-year old farmhouse property on Interstate 10. They held Pond Building classes outside and built one pond at a time, bringing Koi and Fancy Goldfish to central Texas. They started with knowledge, a love for Water Gardens and Koi and, over many years, built the largest full service Koi and Water Garden retailer in Texas and the surrounding states.

From a farmhouse and a vision, we now have over a dozen display ponds, a huge Koi pavilion holding the largest assortment of adult Koi in any retail establishment in Texas, over 80 species of water lilies and water plants, and a store filled with multiple suppliers of pumps, filtration system, pond lights, UV Clarifiers, fountains and miscellaneous gift items. We’re also located on one of the nicest 3.5 acre properties you will ever walk through–sumptuous landscaping and gorgeous water features abound! Add some statuary, yard decorations, hand crafted items, and an array of water spitters and fountain options and you’re guaranteed to enjoy every visit!  




It’s been an awesome road for Water Garden Gems! You know what we look like, now check out some of the pictures we dug up from the past.