Seachem Laboratories

Seachem Laboratories Prime Concentrated Conditioner


Prime is the complete and concentrated conditioner for both fresh and salt water. Prime removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. Prime converts ammonia into a safe, non-toxic form that is readily removed by the tank's biofilter. Prime may be used during tank cycling to alleviate ammonia/nitrite toxicity. Prime detoxifies nitrite and nitrate, allowing the biofilter to more efficiently remove them. Prime also promotes the production and regeneration of the natural slime coat. Prime is non-acidic and will not impact pH. Prime will not overactivate skimmers. Use at start-up and whenever adding or replacing water. As part of their ongoing environmental stewardship efforts Seachem will donate a portion of the profits for every specially labeled edition bottle of Prime, Stability, Pristine, and Clarity (in Bonus Sizes of 325 mL -- 30% more) sold to a Rhino preserve in South Africa.

  • Benefits: 1. Removes chlorine, chloramine.2. Detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and any heavy metals .3. 5X more concentrated.4. Non-acidic.5. Will not impact pH.6. Provides slime coat.7. Will not over-activate skimmers.
  • pH Balance: 5.0 - 6.0 pH