Matala Stainless Steel UV Clarifier

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The "Silver Bullet" for controlling green water algae blooms. Quick and simple to install featuring a long service life that requires little maintenance. Matala Stainless Steel High Output UV Clarifier


  • Available in USA for ponds and freshwater aquariums in 40 Watt, 75 Watt, 150 Watt and 300 Watt.
  • High Quality lamps and quartz sleeves maintains output of 254nm.
  • Use 40 watt Philips T5 UV lamps and 75 watt Philips T5 High Output UV lamps. The best in the industry!
  • The 40 watt and 75 watt High Output unit is a single lamp, 150 watt High Output unit uses 2 lamps, 300 watt High Output unit uses 4 lamps.
  • Special Order for ponds SS-L16W and SS-L25W.
  • Special Order for SS-L40WT and SS-L75WT. 40 watt and 75 watt slim body unit is for drinking water sterilization by special order only.
  • The 40W, 75W, 150W and 300W are all for use on freshwater aquariums and ponds only.
  • Polished stainless steel reactor chamber gives 30% increased UV reflection.
  • High flow rates possible due to high output lamps, and a single big bore body diameter.
  • Does not restrict water flow of your pump.
  • Long service life and requires very little maintenance.
  • Visual LED display indicates when unit needs service.
  • Includes 17' power cord with in line transformer
  • 2" inlet / outlet male threads on SS-L40W, SS-L75W and SS-L150W pond units.
  • 3" inlet / outlet male threads on SS-L300W.  3" pipe size allows for the highest flow rate possible.