Matala Floating Fountain


Matala high-quality fountain can be used in ponds, lakes or retention ponds. It sprays water up to 11.5ft (depends on different fountain head) into the air. The compact design houses a powerful 2,860gph pump that sits low in the water. Simply anchor the fountain and plug it in! Fountain kit includes pump, float and 1-1/2” Type A nozzle (can offer 4 types of  different option heads. Please contact.)

Optional LED light kit features three 10watts (10Wx3=30W), white spotlights that brightly illuminate the fountain. Dual-timer controller automatically turns on/off the fountain and lights. Fountain and light kits include a 65.6ft power cord.

Features and Benefits

  • Low operation cost
  • Improves water quality
  • Increase oxygen level
  • Reduce algae


  • FF-1/3-65: Floating Fountain w/ Nozzle A and 65ft power cord
  • FF-1/3-130: Floating Fountain w/ Nozzle A and 130ft power cord
  • FF LED-65: Three Light LED kit w/ Control Unit and 65ft power cord
  • FF LED-130: Three Light LED kit w/ Control Unit and 130ft power cord
  • FFNA: Nozzle A
  • FFNB: Nozzle B
  • FFNC: Nozzle C
  • FFND: Nozzle D