Glofish® Cresent Aquarium Kit

Add that colorful zing to your surroundings with the GloFish® Crescent Aquarium Kit. This crescent shaped, three or five gallon tank is made of high quality plastic and is sure to brighten any room. The special additions like the plastic canopy with fluorescent colors provide the perfect backdrop for your GloFish. The LED lights highlight the fish’s unique color and brighten up both the aquarium and your interior decor. This aquarium is the perfect tank for aquarists. This aquarium kit will add color to your surroundings, whether in office or home. Kit includes:
  • Clear plastic, curved-front, seamless aquarium
  • Black canopy with convenient feeding hole
  • Hidden blue LED light stick
  • Motor-driven Tetra® Whisper® MicroFilter

This product comes in 3 gallon (13" x 7" x 9.5") and 5 gallon (15.5" x 9" x 11.5") tanks