Tiger Barb - IN STORE ONLY


Tiger barbs come in three different colour varieties, the regular has a red to yellow body with 4 vertical black stripes, the Albino is yellow in colour with subtle white stripes and red fins and the Moss Green has a green body with red and black finnage – the deepness of the green varies from fish to fish.

Barbs come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from just a few centimetres for the Rosy barb (Puntius conchonius) to the monstrous 35cm for the Tinfoil Barb (Barbus schwanenfeldi) making their diversity very impressive.

Barbs are hardy, active and mostly a peaceful fish that are best kept in groups in a community tank. Tiger Barbs are known to nip at fins therefore it is best not to keep them with long finned fish and with small slow moving fish. Provide enough fish to school and the fin nipping tendency will be lessened.

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