PondMAX Solar Powered Pump & Panel


The PondMAX Solar Pump Kit is the ideal DIY solar kit on the market. These kits are perfect for a number of applications including fountains, waterfalls and other backyard features. The pumps are available in two sizes and the kit includes a pump and a panel. The battery backup is sold separately.

Model PM150SP

  • Max Flow(GPH) 160
  • Max Head Height(FT) 5-1/2'
  • Power(W) 7
  • Cord Length(FT) 16'

Model PM350SP

  • Max Flow(GPH) 360
  • Max Head Height(FT) 7'
  • Power(W) 11
  • Cord Length(FT) 16'

Battery Backup

  • This Solar Battery Backup is sold separately and is designed to store solar energy for the PondMAX Solar Pump Kits and has enough charge to run pump for 3-4 hours on its own.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • The battery backup has built-in overcharge protection.
  • LED indicator lights provide the working status of the battery backup
  • The output voltage can be adjusted in the range of 12V-24V, for optimal pump performance
  • Cord Length(FT) 16'