Featherfin Rainbow - IN STORE ONLY


Best kept in a densely-planted tank and an excellent choice for the carefully-aquascaped set-up. The addition of some floating plants and driftwood roots or branches to diffuse the light entering the tank also seems to be appreciated and adds a more natural feel.

Shows a preference for slow-moving streams, freshwater swamps, lagoons, and billabongs containing clear water and abundant macrophytes. It’s most commonly-found in heavily-vegetated, marginal habitats less than 1.5 m in depth and is frequently associated with floating lily pads. A temperature range of 22 – 32°C and pH of 5.2 – 7.5 have been recorded in field measurements.

Feeds on floating or suspended phytoplankton, diatoms, and other zooplankton in nature, and in the aquarium must be offered items of a suitable size for its tiny mouth. Ideally much of the diet should comprise live foods such as DaphniaMoinaArtemia nauplii, micro worm, copepods, etc., although small/crushed floating dried foods are also accepted.

Very peaceful but not suitable for the general community aquarium since it’s easily outcompeted for food and the long fins of mature males may be nipped at by certain common species.

Sold in store only!