EasyPro Vianti Falls Spillway

$263.58 $310.09
$263.58 $310.09you save $46.51

Vianti Falls stainless steel spillways are a stylish highlight for your patio, entryway or as a stand alone water feature. The soothing sheet of water adds beauty and elegance to any landscape. Add more drama and beauty to this feature by using LED strip lights to highlight the waterfall.

  • Stainless steel for maximum strength
  • Open design resists clogging from debris or hard water
  • Rated for ten gallons per minute flow per foot of width
  • Single 1″ inlet in back wall for 11.5" and 23.5" models
  • Dual 1" inlets in back wall for 35.5" and 47.5" models
  • Triple 1" inlets in back wall for 59.5" and 71.5" models
  • Internal baffle calms incoming water – creating even, smooth flow over lip
  • Available in sizes: 11.5", 23.5″, 35.5″, 47.5″, 59.5″, 71.5″
  • Complete kit with basin, pump, light, plumbing, and spillway available for 11.5″, 23.5″ and 35.5″ units