EasyPro Eco-Clear Pressurized Filter 3900

$249.74 $269.99
$249.74 $269.99you save $20.25

The EC3900U Eco-Clear Pressurized Filter is good for ponds up to 3900 gallons or 1950 gallons with fish. Note that fish load, feeding rates, amount of sunlight and other factors affect actual maximum gallons that can be filtered.

  • Sturdy filter housings – can be buried up to cleaning ring for easy concealment
  • Dual filtration – filter pads collect solid debris while bio-media provides excellent biological filtration
  • Cleaning indicator – shows when filter needs to be cleaned
  • Optional built-in UV for crystal clear water
  • Backwash valve to extend time between full cleanouts
  • Filters are easy to disassemble and clean, making maintenance a snap!
  • Multi step connectors – inlet/outlet fittings accept a variety of tubing sizes
  • 1 1/2″ adaptor fittings for PVC connections