EasyPro Boxed Premium Pond Cover Netting 3/4"

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Premium Pond Cover Netting

Premium Pond Cover Netting 3/4″ mesh –100′ long bulk

  • Strong black pond netting will last for years!
  • Standard mesh is 3/4″ polyethylene woven netting
  • Currently most other manufacturers offer a small variety of prepackaged netting that do not fit the needs of many pond or stream applications, EasyPro Premium Pond Cover Netting is available in 10′, 20′ and 30′ wide rolls each 100′ long
  • You simply pull out the length needed, cut it and BINGO – you have a cover net exactly the length you need
  • A variety of prepackaged sizes are also available
  • Custom cut pieces are available allowing you to buy just what you need, please specify length when ordering, 10′, 20′ or 30′ wide