Daisy's Blue Ricefish - IN STORE ONLY


Oryzias: from the Greek ὄρυζα (oryza), meaning ‘rice’, in reference to the tendency of some members of the genus to inhabit rice paddy fields.

woworae: named for Daisy Wowor, a systematic carcinologist from the Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense (Java, Indonesia) who collected the type series and photographed live fish in the field for the first time.

Very peaceful but doesn’t make an ideal addition to many communities due to its small size.

Should you wish to maintain it alongside other fishes other diminutive species such as Microdevario, Sundadanio, Eirmotus, Trigonostigma, Pseudomugi, pygmy Corydoras and small Loricariids such as Otocinclus comprise the best options, while freshwater shrimp of the genera Caridina and Neocaridina should also be suitable.

A combination of crushed or small-grade, high quality dried foods plus live microwormArtemia nauplii or similar appears to be ideal and adults have also been observed grazing from solid surfaces, so the natural diet may also contain an algal component.

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