Bristlenose Pleco - IN STORE ONLY


This is the ubiquitous ‘bristlenose’ catfish in the aquarium hobby and is bred commerically on a large scale although it’s precise origin is unknown with some of the opinion that it may be a hybrid.

Several line-bred ornamental varieties exist, including piebald, albino, xanthic and long-finned forms of which long-finned fish are sometimes sold as ‘butterfly’ or ‘veiltail’ catfish.

Compared to some others in the genus it’s largely undemanding, but does prefer well-oxygenated water.

Provided there is plenty of cover décor is largely unimportant.

Does best when offered a varied diet comprising sinking dried foods, frozen Daphnia, mosquito larvae, chironomid larvae (bloodworm), and prawn/shrimp, for, example, plus some fresh fruit, parboiled potato, etc.

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