Bloodfin Tetra - IN STORE ONLY


A good beginner’s tetra, as it’s a hardy species that will adapt to a relatively wide range of conditions. In a well-insulated house it can even be kept in an unheated tank, although it won’t be as colourful as when kept in warmer water.

It’s also quite long-lived and captive specimens over ten years old are not unheard of.

It looks most at home in a planted aquarium. Provide areas of dense vegetation, along with some open areas for swimming. Other décor can consist of twisted roots band pieces of bogwood.  Unfussy and will accept most dried, frozen and live foods.

Peaceful enough but may nip a little at long-finned or slow-moving tankmates. Try keeping it in a mixed shoal with other characids, along with Corydoras catfish and small Loricariids. Always keep it in a group of at least six as it’s a shoaling fish by nature.

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