Bloodfin Glass Tetra - IN STORE ONLY


P. filigera can be easily distinguished from the “other” bloodfin tetra, Aphyocharax anisitsi by its more elongate body shape and the fact that it exhibits no red pigmentation in the anal and ventral fins.

Generally a peaceable species that can be kept with many other species enjoying similar conditions. Rival males can sometimes squabble amongst themsleves, and this is one of several very good reasons why it should always be kept in groups of at least 6-8.

The upturned mouth and slightly keeled body shape suggest that this species feeds primarily on small invertebrates taken from the water surface in the wild. In the aquarium it’s particularly fond of live and frozen foods such as Daphniabloodworm and Cyclops but most specimens will greedily accept dried alternatives. Feed a varied diet and your fish will reward you with their best colour and condition.

This active, pelagic species is usually found in the upper water layers in nature and the aquarium should contain plenty of open space for swimming. It looks particularly effective when maintained as a group in a well-planted aquarium with patches of floating plants.

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