Atlantic Water Gardens

Atlantic Low Voltage Lighting Transformer

$92.99 $105.99
$92.99 $105.99you save $13.00
  • Transformers provide dependable low voltage AC current to Atlantic LED Lighting Systems
  • Solid state Transformers are fully weatherproof for worry-free outdoor installations
  • TRANS88 and TRANS150 feature built-in photocell with light sensor and timer to turn on at dusk and off at dawn or after 4, 6 or 8 hours of operation
  • Connect wiring directly to TRANS88 and TRANS150
  • TRANS60 connects to 2-pin Warm White quick-connect plugs


  • Warm White Wiring Kit powers and connects up to four Warm White Lights
  • Compact inline 4-outlet Block Splitter simplifies connections and mounts on flat surfaces to neaten and organize wiring
  • Splitter features removable weatherproof caps for unused outlets
  • 30 watt solid state Transformer is fully weatherproof for worry-free outdoor installations
  • Add additional Splitters (not included) to power up to 30 watts of Warm White Lighting